In this online course you will learn:

  • How to teach yoga and meditation to your child or a group of children
  • Techniques to modify yoga classes into fun, exciting adventures for children
  • Everyday practices to help children integrate yoga into all aspects of their lives
  • Tools for getting kids to focus, self-regulate their emotions, and tap into their own creativity
  • Yoga and meditation for your own practice to keep you conscious, aware of your energy, and tapped into your creative potential

Shakta Has Been A Leader in Children's Yoga For Over 40 Years


Shakta Khalsa has been a leader in children’s yoga for over 40 years. In this workshop, she shares the tools you need to create a yoga practice for children that will help them release energy, bring mental focus and body awareness, and most of all, to have FUN while doing it!

6+ hours on demand lessons

Including yoga & meditation just for you - to help keep you grounded & centered in your own life. (Plus lots of great yoga & meditation to share with children!


58 page Course Manual

With all of Shakta's tips and strategies for sharing yoga with children in a positive, elevating way. An incredible resource for moving forward, whether it's just with your children, or in a classroom.

Downloadable digital children's song by Shakta

A great addition to every children's yoga class is music! Shakta is happy to share an all time favorite with you. 

$25 Off Radiant Child Foundations (levels 1-3)

If you love sharing yoga with children SO MUCH, you might decide to deepen your study with Shakta. If so, we've got a $25 off coupon to get you started.

When you start sharing yoga with children, whether at home or in a class environment, something magical begins to happen. You tap into your own imagination, and bring joy, playfulness, and fun back into your life. You co-create a very special energy and bond with the children that magnifies positive feelings of love and compassion. You deepen your own personal practice and the level of consciousness that you move through your life with. And don’t be surprised when you find that you will learn just as much from them as they learn from you.

It’s a beautiful, magical, heart centered way to share time with the children in your life that will have far-reaching implications for everyone.

In this course, Shakta offers a variety of yoga and meditation for your personal practice. This will strengthen your ability to be grounded and present. It will help you tap into your full creative potential so that you can offer exciting, joyful classes for children. It will also help you keep your heart open so that you radiate love and compassion when you are sharing with children.

Whether you want to share yoga with your own children or you want to learn how to share yoga with a group of children, this workshop will give you the tools, techniques and practices you need to co-create magical adventures in yoga and meditation.

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Sale Price: $67

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"What have I gained from this experience? I’m going to think more like a child, smile more, and be more flexible when working with children."

L. Bogan

"I wanted to learn about children’s yoga for my own child, who has anxiety. I found it helped my own anxiety as well as hers! Thank you so much."

S. Cline

" I learned sequences and ways to keep me centered to be able to lead classes with great awareness and compassion. I love how Shakta’s experience shows that not every day, kid’s yoga class will flow easily, but we are still making a big impact even when we don’t see it. I have been using the sequences already and the class flow, interest and vibration have improved a lot."

Becky K.

Sharing Yoga With Children

One of the most mutually beneficial activities you can do with a child is to share yoga with them.