What You'll Get

  • 8+ hours of online yoga classes with world renowned teachers & musicians
  • Improve your body’s circulation, detoxification, and immunity, while also strengthening the abdominals!
  • Build immunity, detoxify the body from the inside out, and clear the way to approach the world from your heart
  • Restore the pranic energy in your body – the vital life force that supplies you with energy, power and the courage to embrace your destiny
  • Open your heart center, recognize your value, and attract opportunity and prosperity into your life
  • Expand your radiance and projection, making you a magnet for the blessings of this life
  • Heal and reactivate the power of your body’s central nervous system – charge your system for a healthier you!
  • Increase circulation to the brain and release tension from areas of the body where trauma and emotional memories are held
  • Refine and balance your Subtle Body allowing you to see beyond your immediate reality and enhance your intuition and awareness
  • Develop your wisdom and self-mastery so you may trust your intuition to guide you through life’s challenges

Course Value: $197

Sale Price: $67

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Bring the experience of Kundalini Yoga group energy into your home with this uplifting and inspiring online course recorded live at Sat Nam Fest!

The most important thing you can do to thrive in your life is to allow yourself the time and space to
cultivate happiness, ease, and fulfillment.

Discover how you can experience greater ease and a deeper sense of bliss through the practice of yoga and meditation. This elevating class series, recorded live at Sat Nam Fest, will bring into your home the essential Kundalini Yoga techniques of movement, breath, meditation, and mantra. Explore postures and movements that stimulate and relax the internal organs, glands, nerves, and muscles. Feel renewed, refreshed, and ready to experience more joy every day.

Amplify your experience.

Practice at home while experiencing the powerful effect of a class filmed in the sacred group setting of Sat Nam Fest. Let the collective group energy raise your own energy and vibration. Experience the potent, peaceful space needed to embrace the journey of life at every level of your being.

Immerse yourself in the music of Sat Nam Fest.

Music that opens your heart and elevates your soul is a treasured experience of Sat Nam Fest. This series is joined by many favorite Spirit Voyage artists providing live music to accompany each class. Allow yourself to soak in the joy and beauty of sacred chant.

Experience the divine bliss of Sat Nam Fest again and again!

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8+ hours on demand video

7 yoga classes filmed live at Sat Nam Fest with world renowned teachers & musicians


Downloadable Printouts

With all yoga and meditation instructions - for those times when you prefer to practice at home in silence. 

Curious about the classes? Here's a sneak peek!