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Releasing Fear

A 40 Day Global Sadhana with Krishna Kaur & Simranpreet (Jenni)

This meditation will help you to release fear and balance your emotions so that you can move through life from a grounded place of strength.


Video Support

Instructional video and a full practice video for you to chant along with every day for 40 days. Also included - written/downloadable instructions & daily messages of love & support.

Community Support

Connect with yogis from around the world in the Global Sadhana Facebook Group. Share your experiences & elevate one another throughout these 40 days.

Now is The Time To Release The Fear That Has Been Holding You Back

We all deal with fear on some level. This fear can cause us to behave irrationally, and it can hold us back from creating the fullest, most amazing life possible. 

For this meditation, we will work with the mantra Aadays Tisai Aadays. It is a powerful mantra with the capacity to help us break free from our perceived limitations. 

From the comfort of your home, practice a moderately challenging meditation for 23.5 minutes per day. This meditation utilizes precise arm movements that will develop your strength, stimulate your immune system, and help you move beyond what you thought was possible!

Led by the incredible Krishna Kaur, with an upbeat version of the mantra, you are going to LOVE the results of your practice.

Throughout the 40 days, you will receive daily messages of love and support to help you keep up. Be sure to check the "Subscribe" box at checkout to ensure that you receive these messages!

Price: $11.00