In this online course you will:

  • Discover the root cause of all addiction
  • Understand the nature of addiction
  • Learn to assess how addictive behaviors are impacting your life
  • Begin to see yourself as so much more than a physical being with physical conditions
  • Discover WHY Kundalini Yoga is so effective in helping you overcome your addictions
  • Practice breathing exercises, meditations and yoga specifically chosen to help you conquer your addictions

Addiction Doesn't Have To Control Your Life Anymore

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Develop a deeper understanding of the nature of addiction, and discover tools that you can begin using right now to support your decision to change and your journey to recovery.

Yoga & Meditation

Practice with the video any time, or download the written instructions and practice when it suits your hectic family life!

Free Yourself From The Suffering

With awareness comes the possibility of change, a deeper connection with ourselves and others, and ultimately freedom.


We all have addictions or maladaptive, self-defeating ways of reacting to daily stressors. Some of us reach for a substance like drugs, food, or alcohol. Others have behavioral addictions like shopping, gaming, workaholism, compulsive sex, or escaping with social media.

It is human nature to seek pleasure and to avoid fear and pain. When we do not have the tools to deal with our fears and pain, we do our best to cope and reach outside ourselves for the quick-fix as we seek relief.

With awareness comes the possibility of change, a deeper connection with ourselves and others, and ultimately freedom from suffering and addiction.

In this online workshop, Dr. Wendy Harris will help you develop a deeper understanding of the nature of addiction, and offers tools that you can begin using right now to support your decision to change and your journey to recovery.

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Get back to your true nature.

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Dr. Wendy Harris

Dr. Wendy Harris (Livtar Kaur) is a KRI Level II Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and International Trainer for Beyond Addiction: The Yogic Path to Recovery. She is also the Director of the Addiction and Recovery Specialization at Antioch University in Los Angeles where she trains therapists in a compassionate, multi-dimensional approach to understanding and healing the pain and trauma that seeds self-defeating patterns. Most recently she joined the inaugural Compassionate Inquiry team, created by Dr. Gabor Mate and Sat Dharam Kaur to support clients in gaining insight to heal core issues and support sustainable recovery. In 2015, she published Beyond Addiction: Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness for Recovery from Opioid Dependence, and is dedicated to bridging the gap between Kundalini Yoga, academia, clinical settings, and the community. She created the community-based Kundalini Yoga for Recovery from Addiction program at Golden Bridge in Hollywood in 2010 and continues to teach a recovery-focused weekly class at Kundalini Yoga by the Sea in Santa Monica.

Christina V. 

Working with Dr. Wendy offers huge opportunities for personal growth and wellness. Whether you’re aiming for a change in diet or exercise, detox or looking for guidance on personal goals. Dr. Wendy is so much more than an incredible Kundalini teacher. She is a gifted professor and experienced psychologist, allowing each student a unique journey toward transformation, healing, and growth under her grounding guidance. With humor and wit, Dr. Wendy offers a fulfilling experience with great ease, insight, and wisdom.

Katie P.

Dr. Wendy teaches Kundalini Yoga the same way she practices it; with compassion, highest commitment, expansive love, deeply rooted conviction, and pure grace. Through the yogic technology of Kundalini, she has given me tools to use on and off the mat that have strengthened and intensified my recovery from a decades-long eating disorder, and helped me prevent relapse. Through the kriya and breath-work I’ve learned from Dr. Wendy, I have leveled-up my ability to manage triggers, distress, anxiety, and negative self-talk. I credit her with her supportive, knowledgeable, fearless teaching for giving me a new, workable foundation, and deepening my spiritual practice.


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