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Overcome Depression & Expand Into Love 

with Karena Virginia


Video Support

Instructional video and a full practice video for you to chant along with every day for 40 days. Also included - written/downloadable instructions & daily messages of love & support.

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Connect with yogis from around the world in the Global Sadhana Facebook Group. Share your experiences & elevate one another throughout these 40 days.

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Your Time Is Now

Sometimes in life we feel sad without even knowing why. We feel the weight of sadness as a heaviness on the skin that we are unable to shake off. Sadness can be caused by a misalignment or a tear in our electromagnetic field. When our energy field is weak, we can feel influenced by other energies that may not support our greater good

We may be able to cope with everyday stresses, but when we have multiple traumatic events happening at once, we can feel frozen by fear and uncertainty. We may feel victimized and incapable of making a move. As our modern age speeds up, this feeling can intensify to the point that we make ourselves sick. What can we do when we feel so confused and empty that we become immobilized and exhausted?

This meditation is designed to help center your consciousness and channel all your confusion out of your psyche. You give your feelings of uncertainty, pain, and blame to the universe and replace them with the pure, clear light of your soul, accessing what was actually there all along.

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