Tune into your intuition where your feminine spirit blossoms. Discover ancient healing practices to honor and explore what it is to be a woman. Deepen your connection with the feminine through yoga, meditation, and self-care rituals. 

As women, we move through life in rhythm with the cycles of nature. Many of us are familiar with the lunar cycle, our monthly cycles, and the cycles of the seasons. But did you know that women also go through cycles every 2.5 days? We are magnificently complex and powerful – and when we get in touch with our personal feminine cycles, we can truly embody the Goddess within.

  • Reconnect with the feminine spirit
  • Experience the intricate subtle rhythm of your body & psyche
  • Reclaim your divine feminine power
  • Move through life with more understanding and trust in the messages you receive from your body and your intuition

For one full cycle of the moon, we will take time to explore our internal environment.  We will claim this time to reflect, reset and go deeper into practices to support you as a woman.

Will you join us?

We move in rhythm with the cycles of nature


In Many Moons, You Will Learn to Tune Into Your Cycles


The Lunar Cycle

A full lunar cycle, from New Moon to New Moon lasts for 29.5 days. When the moon is new, many of us feel a little more tired than usual – but as the moon grows, our energy level and creativity also tend to expand. Similarly, as the moon wanes from Full to New, we may notice an increasing desire to go inward and reflect on our lives – it is an important time for our renewal. Understanding the lunar cycle and the unique ways in which our own bodies respond to it allows us to stay more connected to both our inner and outer worlds.


Your Monthly Cycle

Average 28 days, with 21-35 being considered “normal” – many women find that their monthly cycle coincides with that of other women they are close with, or even with the cycle of the moon. As is common with the lunar cycle, our sexual, creative, and emotional energies vary throughout the course of our personal monthly cycle. Even when women are no longer ovulating or menstruating, we still carry these cycles within our bodies. It can be incredibly fascinating and illuminating to track your monthly cycles, and plan your creative endeavors around the times when you are experiencing the fullness of your own monthly cycle.


Your Moon Centers

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, women are recognized as having 11 Moon Centers throughout the body that govern different aspects of their personalities. These Moon Centers are responsive to lunar energies and can impact women’s responses in their daily lives. Every woman has her own unique moon center cycle – moving through a different moon center every 2.5 days, and learning which moon center you are in can help guide your decisions and have an incredible impact on your life!

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4.5+ hours on demand lessons

Including yoga and meditation practices to support this journey.


Course Manual

There is a wealth of information in this manual. It supplements the video lessons to support you during this journey and beyond.


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Many Moons is an online course that continues from New Moon to New Moon. It offers tools, exercises and yoga practices to bring a deeper understanding of what is happening in our own bodies and emotional landscape. It moves in rhythm with the natural cycles of the moon and encourages women to come back into their own unique rhythm.

This course is a place to explore your internal emotional and physical landscapes, and to practice ancient techniques designed for healing a woman’s body and mind. If you’re working with hormonal imbalance, healing chronic illness, feeling the need to connect more deeply with your feminine lunar nature, we hope you’ll join our circle.

"I have done this course twice and I will do it again. [During the course] I feel more supported and connected in this ‘circle of strangers’ then I often do in my daily life. I’m thankful for Ajeet for creating a compassionate space for women to safely come together with the sole purpose of learning more about being female."


"A loving, warm and sacred space to remember our nature, connect with our cycles and the great gifts of living in a woman’s body. A sacred circle to pray with the hearts of women from all over the world."


"My heart will always be full of so much gratitude for the Many Moons course. I was committed to the course and the daily practices. I became very clean with my eating and conscious of my patterns, emotional, hormonal and physical. Shadowy parts of myself, that I was unaware of, surfaced and I had the practice and the safety net of sisterhood to help me process those dark spaces. The more committed I was, the more activated I became. My intuition was heightened and sharpened and my manifestation was fairly instantaneous. I took the course two times and would definitely take it again. I’m so grateful that Ajeet is sharing her message and vibration to help heal the world at this time. It is so needed."


What's Included

  • Weekly lessons exploring our cycles, yogic moon centers, nutrition, and self-care practices to connect with your feminine nature
  • New Moon, Full Moon, & Closing Circle webinar replays
  • A four day guided cleanse to balance and reset
  • Musical accompaniment designed specifically to support the practices in this course not available anywhere else
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices to support your journey
  • 60+ page digital course booklet

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