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Invoke Your Inner Light

with Aykanna


Video Support

Instructional video and a full practice video for you to practice along with every day for 22 days. Also included - written/downloadable instructions & daily messages of love & support.

Community Support

Connect with yogis from around the world in the Global Sadhana Facebook Group. Share your experiences & elevate one another throughout these 40 days. Also included - access to the Nesoteric Community (located in your course library!)

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Communication from a place of Truth


Effective communication is a critical aspect of happiness and success in life.

When we communicate from our heart, our source of Truth, we are able to be heard and received.

The meditation offered in this 22 day sadhana uses the mantra Hummee Hum Brahm Hum. This mantra reminds us that we are all connected, that we are one in the Divine. From this place of Truth, we can connect with our own wisdom, what is true for us, and we are able to communicate our Truth in an effective way.

The recognition of our Oneness is the highest truth. We are all reflections, mirrors for one another. Every person, place, situation - are all teachers that lead us to our Light.

Dive into a 22 day practice that will connect you to the light within, to your Truth, and to Universal Truth. We are all One.

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