Daily Practice For Spiritual Evolution

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Practice Past Sadhanas

When you choose a sadhana that we have done in the past, you will receive the daily email support that you received as we practice a Global Sadhana in real time - but other yogis may or may not be practicing it at the same time. Gather a tribe of yogis to practice with you, and discuss your experiences and all that you are learning from your practice – you will be amazed at how much we grow when we love and support each other.

Falling Into Grace

A 40 day Sadhana with Jai-Jagdeesh

Price: $11.00

Breathe Through It

A 40 day Sadhana with Nirinjan Kaur.

Price: $11.00

Overcome Depression & Expand Into Love

A 40 day Sadhana with Karena Virginia

Price: $11.00

Invoke Your Inner Light

A 22 day Sadhana with Aykanna

Price: $8.00

Releasing Fear

A 40 day Sadhana with Krishna Kaur & Jenni Sells

Price: $11.00

Activate Prosperity

An 11 day Sadhana with Jenni Sells (aka Simranpreet)

Price: $5.00

For the last 10 years, Spirit Voyage has hosted Global Sadhanas for yogis from around the world. Here at Nesoteric, we are honored to continue carrying this torch into the future as we continue to offer these practices to our community. 

When you register to participate, you will receive daily support via email throughout the Global Sadhana. This support includes a deep wealth of wisdom and inspiration from the teacher, video support for your practice, updates from yogis around the world who are also participating with you, information on upcoming livestream webcasts & other opportunities to connect with your community online.

The Global Sadhanas range in length from 11 – 40 days, so that you can have the opportunity to try as many different practices as possible, surrounded by the loving support of your community.

How to connect with yogis around the world:

We have a thriving community of yogis who gather in our Facebook Discussion Group to share their experiences, to love and support each other every single day. We believe that the more we share openly and honestly with each other about what we are learning, the more we all benefit from the wisdom of our collective experiences.

Can I choose to practice past Global Sadhanas?

Yes! Our past global sadhanas are available to purchase above.  We are adding more all the time, so keep checking back! It's all going on behind the scenes for you. 

Online courses for your evolution

We get this one chance at life to understand ourselves. To grow, expand, evolve. To create a life of love. Make the most of every precious second. 

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