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Falling Into Grace

with Jai-Jagdeesh


Video Support

A daily practice video for you to practice along with every day for 40 days. Also included - written/downloadable instructions & daily messages of love & support.

Community Support

Connect with yogis from around the world in the Global Sadhana Facebook Group. Share your experiences & elevate one another throughout these 40 days. Also included - access to the Nesoteric Community (located in your course library!)

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Relaxation is more important now that ever before

We are living in tumultuous times. We find ourselves in a space of extreme tension. There is emotional trauma at every corner. This tension gets stored in the body. Giving yourself the time and space to fully relax - in body and in mind - is essential to maintain your health.

The gentle yoga set  for this 40 day practice includes a little bit of slow, rhythmic dancing, an embodiment practice of self love, and is followed by a delicious savasana - all designed to calm the nervous system and nurture your soul. 

We are guided by Jai-Jagdeesh, and her music provides the soundscape for your relaxation experience. It's such a delicious practice, you will look forward to doing it every day!

As an added bonus, you will receive the most beautiful messages of love and support each day throughout your sadhana. Jai-Jagdeesh really pours her heart into every message. They are like medicine for your heart.

This is a very special sadhana. We hope that it nurtures and nourishes you beyond your expecations!

Price: $11.00

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