Reclaim the gifts of your empathic nature. Practice yoga & meditation to nourish & nurture yourself.


In this online course you will:

  • Learn to recognize the traits of the narcissistic personality
  • Identify the common techniques that narcissists use to manipulate you
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your feelings, allowing them to guide you through and beyond narcissistic manipulation
  • Discover how to activate and honor your empathic nature
  • Learn to identify the profound emotional and spiritual lessons offered throughout the pain of your experiences
  • Transcend the pain in order to deepen your capacity for empathy and love even further

3+ hours on demand lessons

Explore the nature of narcissism, deconstruct the manipulations, free yourself from the abuse, and reclaim your empathic gifts.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation

Practice with the video any time, or download the written instructions and practice in a quiet environment.

Moving beyond narcissistic abuse
is a journey of true self-love.


Narcissism is such a buzzword today – but very few people understand the impact of being involved with a narcissist – especially at the spiritual level. Whether the narcissist in your life is a colleague, family member, friend or partner, relationships with a narcissist can leave you feeling confused, wiped out, heart broken, and unable to move forward in your life.

Because a true narcissist is unable to feel empathy for another person, they seek out the most empathetic people to engage with in order to fill the void in their lives. From there, an intense physical, emotional and spiritual manipulation begins. A narcissist will continue to steal your precious energy until you break the cycle of abuse.

Many people find it difficult to move beyond the pain of this kind of abuse because they don’t fully understand what has happened to them, and they don’t understand WHY it happened. But when you begin to break the spell of narcissistic abuse and see beyond the illusions created by the narcissist, you will discover your true strength. You will grow stronger and more empowered than would have been possible without going through the hardship of the abuse. When you can, in the face of the abuse, stand grounded firmly within yourself, a strength and a capacity for love grows in you that can’t be acquired any other way.

You can move beyond the pain. You can expand in the face of heartache. You can activate and honor your empathic gifts, and use them to empower yourself like never before.

Moving beyond narcissistic abuse
is a journey of true self-love.
Take the first step today.

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Moving beyond narcissistic abuse
is a journey of true self-love.

Anne Novak is a teacher, author and healer whose work on the study of healing and pain has helped thousands. She has been practicing Yoga and Meditation since 1999, leading retreats and workshops in the United States, London, Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, and Africa. She also teaches teaches locally and maintains a private healing practice in Connecticut. 

Anne is a certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a Member of the Yoga Alliance, an ACE-Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a background in physical therapy, and a certified Hypnotherapist who has been working in the health and wellness industry for over thirty years. 

In her private practice, she is a guide and facilitator in personal healing. Among the many healing modalities she uses in her practice are yoga and meditation, hypnotherapy, energy work, and heart meditation. 


I found the material, presentation and components of the course Ann chose were so applicable to this complex and sensitive topic. The content covered some of the key challenges in a gentle, but direct way. I loved the lesson on forgiveness and the book about the little soul and the sun! That was and is the key to unhooking, forgiveness.  I found the course incredibly healing and embowering! 

Radha K.

Everything I knew in my Heart it was confirmed with beautiful Anne explaining it so softly and make me to trust my heart and my intuition.. doing the kriyas and meditation felt so good (I feel so light every time I practice them) . and as iam finding myself again (self worth).

Deb D. 

This course changed my life! The narrative and the exercises were excellent. The description of the behavior and language of both people was completely accurate. The instructor described a path back to health and safety that was clear and with strong encouragement. The yoga exercises were a great addition to the course because I truly felt my mindRead more about review stating Breaking The Spell of Narcissism. My body and spirit were all working together for me and my wellbeing. Thank you so much for this very valuable course. 


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