Simple Acts of Service

service Aug 28, 2020

by Lee Harrington

When natural disasters strike, I’ve noticed that people tend to respond in one of two ways. For many, the first reaction to the tragedy is to feel a sense of hopelessness or helplessness. Such people make a statement, along the lines of: “There is nothing I can do.” For others, the first reaction is to ask a question: “How can I help?” There is no right or wrong here, by the way.Sometimes making an absolutist statement versus asking a question is simply an indication of where we are on our path at that particular moment in time. “Live the questions,” the poet Rilke once wrote. But the truly enlightened ones—and the advanced practitioners—will live the answers as well: “I can help by [fill in the blank].”  This is why we practice. So that, when tragedy strikes, we become the answer.

Of course, giving money can be an option. But what if you simply do not have spare funds at this particular...

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Bringing Yoga to Underserved Communities

lifestyle service Aug 28, 2020

by Julie Eisenberg

Are you looking for a way to expand your yoga practice outside of the confines of a yoga studio or gym?   Consider starting a yoga class with an underserved community.  An underserved community may be any population that does not have full access to much of what most of us living in the United States and other developed countries take for granted: financial stability, health care, jobs, social services, or even a home or transportation to get to work. You might find an underserved community living in an isolated rural town with few or no services available, or in a marginalized section of a city that’s plagued by poverty and violence.  Underserved communities also include populations such as the homeless, veterans, people living with disabilities, the mentally ill, and immigrants. Whatever the population, yoga is a way to bring a few minutes of peace, calm, and healing into the lives of people who need it most but have very little...

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