The Gifts Of Having A Personal Practice

by Jenni Sells

"Discipline doesn't have to be a hard & strict thing. It can be soft & comforting & cozy. There doesn't have to be any stress behind it. You can just sit down & do it, knowing it is like a hug from your soul, & from the Creator. Something safe to rely on, something trustworthy to turn to, no matter how you are feeling." - Nirinjan Kaur

Some people find it easy to keep up with a 40 day practice. I'm not one of those people. (Any Gemini Rising's out there that can relate?) I grew up in a very disciplined house - so naturally I grew to rebel against anything I "had" to do. I wanted to find a freer, more natural way of being in the world. The quest for a balance between "freedom" and "discipline" continues to this day.

As fate would have it, I found myself as the curator of the 40 day Global Sadhanas during my time at Spirit Voyage. Of course, I always TRIED to do the meditations every day - but it would be difficult to describe the challenges I had...

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