Battling The Yoga Blues? What To Do When Yoga Makes You Sad

depression lifestyle sad Aug 26, 2020

by Liz McCullom

When the experience of coming face to face with your own mental garbage hits you, it can be really uncomfortable.  In my case, I came back from the most recent Sat Nam Fest in a really difficult head space. Where previous festivals left me feeling energized and excited, this time I was feeling so low that the only thing I wanted to do was sleep.  My initial happiness at being reunited with my sweet husband and 3 kitties gave way to a malaise so oppressive that I could barely work.  I knew things were getting extreme when my husband, who lives with chronic depression, told me he was getting concerned.  So what can you do when the yoga blues strike? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that yoga is not actually making you sad.  The kriyas and meditations of Kundalini yoga (and any other type of yoga, really) are transformative tools.  When we become aware of the things in our subconscious minds that are holding us...

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