Achieving Equilibrium: Balancing the Vayus

kriya practice Aug 28, 2020

by Puranjot Kaur

There is a radiant energy that moves through the world and flows in each and every one of us. This energy, known in the yogic tradition as prana, is carried throughout our bodies through something called a vayu. Vayu translates to “wind,” and our vayus are responsible for transferring this energy throughout the body.

Although vayus are subtle, they have a huge impact on how our bodies feel, so learning to move with their natural rhythms and find balance is absolutely vital for our health.

There are five principal Vayus:

  1. Prana Vayu – moves in the chest/heart area and is associated with the Air Tattva. It governs respiration, immunity, vitality and the heart. When it is weak, fatigue, as well as lung, immune, heart and boundary issues can manifest. When it is strong, there is sufficient energy and immune response in the body.
  2. Udana Vayu – moves in the throat and head area and is associated with the Ether Tattva. It governs growth,...
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