3 Ways to Have Change Love You

change heart love Jul 10, 2020

by Sukhdev Jackson

We are wired to seek security. The way our psyche is designed is to find comfort in the familiar. Conversely, the nature of the Universe, including us, is designed to evolve and express our Creator’s plan. Evolution gives birth to change and sometimes our safety-seeking mind fights to push change away with our habits.

Change can be tuff! Our, almost 3 year old Guru, Sahej Rose’s personality will change every 2 to 3 weeks. Her emotional and creative expression will flow like a raging storm into beautiful warm tropical waters with colorful fish and giggles. Our mother Earth also has her way to express change with her seasons, storms, and earthquakes.

It’s tough dealing with change but sometimes when we evolve, we discover something beautiful about Life, and Love is one of the greatest discoveries!

Love is the highest expression of change. I experience Love as the Supreme Guru leading me from the darkness of my traumatic childhood and depression to...

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