5 Tips to Keep Calm and Carry On During Crisis

calm lifestyle Jul 10, 2020

by Dr. Ramdesh

5 Tips to Keep Calm and Carry On During Crisis (Tongue Firmly in Cheek)

I admit it.  I’m inspired by this poster from Britain’s World War II anti-cowering campaign.  “Keep Calm and Carry On” is like a message from my ancestral homeland.  I’d like to think I have some of this steely nerve, although it does require presence of mind for me to engage it.  This last week my nerves were put to the test.  While on my “Road to Sat Nam Fest” tour through the Southwest, my car was broken into and my luggage was stolen.  They did leave my new BPA-free sippy cup from Whole Foods, luckily, sitting right in the cup holder.  (It has zebras on it, people!  What’s not to love?)  I’ve been able to make quick peace with what happened.  I can only attribute this to the practice of Kundalini yoga, mindfulness, and Grace. And a little bit of humor thrown in.

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