5 Ways To Thrive During Mercury Retrograde

by Haridev Clarke

Expect to see numerous articles in your Facebook and Twitter feeds during the next few weeks about the perils, frustrations and annoyances of mercury retrograde. This is not one of those articles.
As a space policy wonk and reluctant astrology reader, I am likely the last person you would expect to write about mercury retrograde. But I am writing this as a Kundalini yoga teacher, recognizing how holding stress in our current time can impact our whole selves.
What is mercury retrograde? Japa Kaur, the amazing weekly Spirit Voyage astrologer, describes it best:

“The planet of the mind appears to be moving backward in the sky. As a result, it feels as if our own minds are moving backward as well! We lose our car keys, drop our phone, addresses and directions get confused, traffic is muddled, and interpersonal communication is unclear. This is not a time to buy anything with mechanical or electrical parts, and furthermore, you should...

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