Unplugging: Tips on Overcoming Technology Addiction

addiction Aug 28, 2020

by Kathryn Livingston

Not long ago, I was in New York City on a glorious spring day. I happened by Washington Square Park, where thankfully, a number of children were enjoying the playground equipment. However, most of the adults all around the park were looking down. Clearly, our addiction to cell phones and electronic devices is growing at an alarming rate. Children are suffering the effects as well; later, at a restaurant, I noticed that the kids at the table next to mine were on electronic game-playing devices while the parents chatted on their cellphones.

I've heart it called “Information Dementia Syndrome.” I learned this recently when I took a course with Mukta Kaur Khalsa, PhD, Director of SuperHealth, the Yogic Science to Break Habits and Addictive Behaviors. “It’s a very unique term,” she observes, “When the psyche gets bombarded with too much information, you basically blow a fuse.” Stress, information overload, and being...

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How Is Yoga Beneficial to People on a Path of Recovery From Addiction?

addiction lifestyle Aug 28, 2020

by Tommy Rosen

I come from a background of severe drug addiction (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, freebase, heroin) and now have over 23 years of continuous recovery. My entry point for the profound shift in thinking that has taken place within me was Hazelden in Minnesota where I spent 40 days or so back in 1989. I went on to embrace the 12 Steps and they worked for me… to the point they are meant to work. The 12 Steps are really the first step to successful sustainable recovery, and they are immediately rendered more powerful when viewed in this manner rather than as a be-all end-all solution to anything that life throws your way.

I tell people that my story is really a story of recovery within recovery. I first got sober and began a “one day at a time” approach to abstinence from drugs and alcohol. I worked with a sponsor to go through the 12 Steps and my life got significantly better. Yet, I would spend the next 10 years of my recovery still mired in addictive...

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