Teacher Spotlight: Karena Virginia

teacher Aug 27, 2020

Becoming Boundless is a 40-Day online course offered by Nesoteric – taught by Karena Virginia. This course will provide you with the daily practices, inspiration, and renewed enthusiasm that can be used to awaken dramatic shifts in the core of your being. Karena offers simple, accessible, yet profound tools, based on years of her personal dedication to loving and living from the heart. Karena’s blend of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and elevating lessons will allow your heart to remember what it already knows: that underneath all of the perceived stress and upheaval in our world, everything is at your fingertips – waiting in divine alignment. Waiting for you to energize that powerful voice inside of you that is crying out to shine. You are encouraged to work through the course at your own pace, with support from Karena and your fellow students.

What do you feel is the overarching topic of this course?

Karena: Recognizing the power of the new age, where our radiance works for us and we do not need to push – the impossible becomes possible. The sky is the limit. We can all learn the art of asking and allowing from the golden light within our hearts that illuminates into our auric field in a miraculous way – when we tap into the art of using our body, mind and soul as a sacred prayer. Flow, Glow and Let Go. Everything will come to you naturally when you learn this art. Together we will drop our oars, because the Universe is conspiring to draw so many blessings to us all. We do not need to struggle upstream! This course will allow us to understand the law of living through the heart, instead of struggling to overcome the ego. This is the secret to it all!

Why do you believe that someone would feel called to take this course?

Karena: Mother Nature has been shaking things up. Many of us are being called to heal ancestral patterns that have existed for years and years. We are here and on this path to heal and grow, and we are doing it for generations before us, as well as after us – along with doing it for ourselves. So many people are feeling the shake, but are also feeling stuck in self sabotage. It is so frightening to shift out of the patterns that our ancestors have accepted for so long. However, the calling is very real, and with support we can collaborate make this shift happen! This is certainly the time. Support is here. We will do it together!

What do you hope students will take away from this course?

Karena: Major and massive healing and clearing so life becomes full of flow, glow, health, vitality, love and joy!

From your perspective, what life challenges might prospective students be experiencing, in relation to the topic of this course?

Karena: We live in a world where many people are too afraid to shine into the brilliance they were here to bring. Family and friends are sometimes threatened and scared when someone they love steps into their potential. It can be very challenging to feel the pull back from people we care about, and that is why we will be working closely with the support of our community. Those who are called to be with us, will be with us. The Divine is creating the opportunity.

How might this course provide opportunities to overcome these challenges?

Karena: We will hold one another in a very sacred embrace and we will have daily guidance. We will become a tribe of glowing, flowing and illuminated beings uplifting one another daily!

What would you like to share with your students – either about this course or their potential for transformation?

Karena: You have everything you need, calling you into a massive healing and transformation. The biggest obstacle is learning how to get out of your own way so the Divine can work with you! Allow yourself to plug in to the electricity so your light can shine brightly. You are a vessel for the Divine and it is your time to shine on!!! You are SO Loved!!! More than you know!




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