Nabhi Kriya for Prana Apana Balance with Anne Novak

practice yoga Aug 28, 2020

In her incredible online course, Understand and Heal Pain, Anne Novak  teaches that to experience true healing, you must understand the vital role that pain serves in your personal evolution. You cannot free yourself from pain without seeing the direct connection between your thoughts, emotions, and physical body. Through this process of deep self-discovery, you can permanently change your experience of pain.

Part of the process is finding balance.  In the course, she shares this incredible kriya for balancing your your prana and apana.  In yogic terms prana is the incoming life force and apana is the outgoing or eliminating energies. It’s important to balance what you bring into your life with what you are eliminating from your life.

Nabhi Kriya For Prana Apana Balance

Source: KRI Level 1 Instructor Yoga Manual, pg 346

Nabhi refers to the nerve plexus around the Navel Point. This kriya balances prana and apana by focusing on the 3rd Chakra at the Navel Point, and then the Heart Center. It will help you build strength and stamina while toning your abdominal muscles. This is also a great kriya to practice to strengthen your digestive system, to alleviate mild depression, and for developing the healing flow of prana through your hands.

Practice along with Anne in this video from her course Understand & Heal Pain. 

Practice a variety of yoga sets and meditation to help you move through the emotional and physical pain with Understand & Heal Pain with Anne Novak. 



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