In this online course you will:

  • Activate your Shakti – your divine feminine creative power

  • Heal your ancestral lineage to end generational cycles of negativity in your life

  • Invite the sacred back into every moment

  • Discover techniques to help nourish yourself so that you can be fully present for yourself and your family

  • Attract abundance in all areas of your life

  • Kundalini Yoga teachings specifically for women

  • Practice kriyas, meditations, and pranayams for balancing hormones, emotions, and sexual energy

  • Find a deep well of inner peace and renewed vitality

  • Unravel the mystery of your unique lunar cycles

  • Breath techniques that can be used any time of day to become calm, restore equilibrium, increase energy, and manage stress

  • Engage in deep personal reflection and joyful play

  • Develop a daily practice supported by your teacher and tribe

  • Deliver your gifts to the world with confidence and grace

This is the time for fierce femininity


19+ hours on demand lessons

All the tools and techniques you need to tap into your divine feminine nature, activating the sacred Shakti within you

130 Page Course Manual 

An amazing reference for the times when you want to study and practice without the use of technology

As women navigating life in the modern world, we have a multitude of roles to fill. We work, we parent, we listen, we teach, we work more, we help, we struggle, we survive. We often find ourselves stretched too thin, overworked, overstressed, overwhelmed and unfulfilled. We have been living in a world that belittles our natural talents and abilities, and has undermined our power at every turn. We are facing extreme and challenging times. Kundalini Yoga has a vast wealth of teachings just for women to empower us to meet these challenges in new creative ways.

This is the time for
Fierce Femininity

We need to take care of ourselves so that we can usher in the change that is needed. We need to nourish ourselves – and each other – so that we can rise above the status quo. We need to bust through the internal and external blocks that have been holding us back. Now is the time to learn to live in an elevated state of consciousness.

Every woman is inherently wise and creative. When we make ourselves a priority by committing to practices that enrich our lives, we allow this wisdom and creativity to flow to and through us. We realign with our true nature, which IS Shakti.

As you awaken this Shakti, you learn that YOU are your own healer, YOU are your own medicine woman. Healing will become a part of your daily experience, and you will naturally expand into a creative life of service to yourself and others.

Rise into your fierce feminine power.
We are ushering in a movement to
create a harmonious balance
with the masculine.

This course will help you create a solid physical and spiritual practice, which is the heart of any transformation. Re-pattern your behaviors, stop your self-sabotaging behaviors and activate your feminine strength with dignity and stability.

Awakening Shakti provides you all of the tools you need to step into your power. You will receive detailed instruction for your yogic practices, engage in deep reflection and joyful play, and build relationships with a global tribe of awakening women on this 40 day journey. You will learn to stand tall in your feminine strength and grace, honoring all that it is to be a woman.

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Sale Price: $297

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Rise into your fierce feminine power.

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The given spiritual name Sukhdev means 'Angel of Peace'

For the past decade she has had the privilege to study extensively with Yogis, Holistic practitioners, Shamans and the Native people of the Chumash tribe.

Her current work and passion is to support women to come back into their personal power and destiny. Having immersed herself in the Women’s Kundalini Yoga teachings and pulling from the focused array she has studied from, Sukhdev was inspired to create “Shakti School" as a training for Women to come back "Into Their True Power". Shakti School is online and live. 

These are trainings for women to activate their unique gifts, caliber, personal power and grace. 

Sukhdev now travels internationally teaching and singing and sharing her inspiration through yoga, meditation, prayer and sacred songs. 

This course brought some of the most beautiful teachings and growth I have ever experienced .
The amount of content iis incredible both physically and spiritually! It exceeded my expectations in every way. 


All my life I've felt like I was searching for something but I just didn't know what it was and this course has given me more than I've ever dreamed I was searching for. I am in awe and will keep coming back to these videos in the future.


The whole course was amazing and It really encouraged me to keep up. I loved learning and it was well set out, fabulous teaching and I loved it. I surprise and delighted myself in my morning and daily vigil for the 40 days. I looked forward to the course material. I haven't been 100% engaged in teachings since my tantra teacher training 5 years ago. I have quite a few incomplete and unopened courses in my in box - but this course kept me going.



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This course contains direct references to Yogi Bhajan that were unable to be removed. Since the creation of this course, there has been an ongoing investigation regarding sexual abuse by Yogi Bhajan.

You can find updates about the investigation here:

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As always, we encourage you to use your own discernment, and to listen to your own inner wisdom, above all things.