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Activate Prosperity

with Jenni Sells


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Instructional video and a full practice video for you to chant along with every day for 40 days. Also included - written/downloadable instructions & daily messages of love & support.

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Connect with yogis from around the world in the Global Sadhana Facebook Group. Share your experiences & elevate one another throughout these 40 days.

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We all want more prosperity in our lives, right? But so often, we have blocks that prevent us from receiving the abundance that we deserve. It can be difficult to understand where these blocks come from, and even more challenging to drop the outdated belief systems that are holding us back.

This meditation is extremely effective at removing blocks to prosperity and opening you up to receiving abundance of all kinds, including financial wealth, (often from unexpected sources)!

We've heard stories from people all over the world who have benefited from practicing this meditation. I can tell you from my own personal experience that it WORKS. When I was preparing to lead this sadhana back in 2018, after only 2 days of practicing, a long standing insurance claim was settled and I received a check for even more than I was expecting. And while we can't guarantee that you will receive money, we DO know that this powerful practice is very effective at removing blocks to your personal prosperity, in all its forms.

We will use the Prosperity Meditation 2, from Subagh Kriya. This meditation uses the mantra Har. Har calls up the great Creator, aligning you with the source of all that is. 

I hope you will take this opportunity to spend just 7 minutes a day focusing on your prosperity. It will be well worth your time!

With all my love,

Price: $5.00

We hope you will join us for this 11 day global sadhana

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