Online Courses

Created to support your journey over a long period of time, our premium online courses take longer to practice and integrate into your life. The perfect choice for deep inner explorations. They are taught by world renowned teachers & are FULL of incredible wisdom. These courses are transforming lives around the globe.

Global Sadhanas

Join yogis from around the world for a daily meditation practice, weekly Zoom meditation sessions, & daily messages of love in your inbox. The proceeds raised from these global sadhanas will be donated to a variety of non-profits TBD with each sadhana.

Daily Practice

By popular demand, we now offer our past global sadhanas for you to practice  - with daily email messages of love and support from the teacher to help you keep up! Browse the global sadhana page & pick one that resonates. Practice on your own, or invite a group of friends to join you!

What's a Nesoteric?

* ne: to become [adjective]
* esoteric: philosophies & practices that are understood by the specially initiated, requiring knowledge that is restricted to a small group.

The days of the guru are over. SO over. It's time for a new, more empowering, inclusive approach to personal growth and spiritual evolution.

This is a time of massive transformation. The light has been shining on systemic prejudices & outright hypocrisies. If we are to meet these times, we must absolutely show up in our power and evolve with these fantastic times. One way to do that is to get in touch with our own inner wisdom. There are infinite ways to do that. We will explore them here.

This approach encourages you to discover a variety of traditions, lineages, and philosophies. This approach rejects conformity and dogma, and embraces softness, intuition, and inclusion. This approach honors our unity. 

From there, we truly evolve. We embody our unique blend of wisdom and passions. We become exactly who we were always meant to be. 

That's what we mean by Nesoteric. A new way of being, of practicing, of growing. The way that works for YOU. 

Let's Stay Connected

Free Introductory To Kundalini Yoga

If you've ever been curious about what Kundalini Yoga can do for you, now is your chance to find out! We've got a free online course with Akasha, Anne Novak, Kia Miller, Sat Siri, Ramdesh, Nirvair Singh Khalsa & Prabhu Nam Kaur!


We 💜 Kundalini Yoga!

This platform was born of the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, and is expanding out from there. Stay tuned as we bring you incredible courses on Herbal Medicine, Astrology, Tarot, Conscious Dying, and oh, so.much.more. Have you ever heard of Kundalini Yoga? It's a GAME CHANGER! This yogic practice will jump start your life in so many ways!


Your Time Is Precious - Use It Wisely

With so much going on in the world, could you use an inner retreat? It's time to focus on what matters, and engage with information that will stimulate, inspire, and challenge you to grow.

Sale of courses and sadhanas are currently on hold while we undergo our own transformation. Stay tuned for more information. 


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